Web live chat

05 Nov

Moxie integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger allowing customers to chat with agents through Messenger across devices.

Chat support software can be a powerful tool for offering efficient help from your website or facilitating staff communication.

If you find a screen sharing session is needed, you can escalate to remote control without ever losing contact with the end user.

At the end of the session, you can redirect customers to a webpage with a survey and give them links to download the session recording and the chat transcript for their records. And let technicians chat with remote customers throughout the support session, even before screen sharing begins.

A web chat is a system that allows users to communicate in real time using easily accessible web interfaces.

It is a type of Internet online chat distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility to users who do not wish to take the time to install and learn to use specialized chat software.

Bomgar gives both you and your customer a seamless support experience.

Customers can easily connect to an agent at any time if they are not satisfied with Kbot’s response, in which case Kbot relays the deflection attempt results to the agent during the handoff.

With Moxie Live Chat you can engage your social media followers in the moment of need.

If multiple representatives are sharing a support session, reps can choose to chat with all participants or to select one name – customer or representative – for a private chat.

Most of the chat support software available lets you offer help from your website ... If a website visitor needs deeper support, you have to open a separate remote control application. Because Bomgar is a complete remote support solution, you can easily move from chat support to screen sharing and remote control.