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09 Mar

We're deploying a wireless networking using Windows Server 2008 NAC as a RADIUS server.When Windows XP or 7 clients connect they initally fail to connect.I could conceivably build my own RADIUS server and intercept your user's AD credentials.Not an ideal setup but your department will need to do the risk analysis.

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309 - Use of electronic records and signatures to be voluntary. It's not a recommended configuration to have a external root CA sign your RADIUS server's certificate.This is from the Free RADIUS documentation but I expect it is equal valid for the Microsoft implementation: In general, you should use self-signed certificates for 802.1x (EAP) authentication.You need to distribute your RADIUS server's certificate (if it was self-signed) or the certificate of the Certificate Authority that signed it to your clients.Right now you are telling your clients (or supplicants in 802.1X-ese) to verify the the trust path of your RADIUS server's certificate.See Federal Acquisition Regulation Codificationfor help finding what regulation you need. Please read this Privacy and Security Noticeand the Accessibility/Section 508 Notice.Article I - (101 - 107) OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Article II - (201 - 208) INTERNET SECURITY AND PRIVACY ACT Article III - (301 - 309) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES AND RECORDS ACT Statement of Legislative Intent Article I - (101 - 107) OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 101 - Definitions. Upon receiving the forwarded request, the agency must comply with article six of the public officers law as if it had initially received the request. The provisions of this article shall be severable and if any portion thereof or the applicability thereof to any person or circumstances shall be held to be invalid, the remainder of this article and the application thereof shall not be affected thereby. 204 - Collection and disclosure of personal information. This only happens with the 802.1x ssid (staff) and not with the PSK ssid (for guests).I then verified that the only way for a windows computer to connect to this is to uncheck the "verify the server's identity by validating the certificate" option while manually adding the profile. I just deployed a setup very similar to this last week, to provide Internet access to a week-long campground event. This article shall be known and may be cited as the "electronic signatures and records act". In any legal proceeding where the provisions of the civil practice law and rules are applicable, an electronic record or electronic signature may be admitted into evidence pursuant to the provisions of article forty-five of the civil practice law and rules including, but not limited to section four thousand five hundred thirty-nine of such law and rules.