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24 Sep

For example, regulations made by the Governor of Victoria on the advice of the Victorian government, known as the Governor in Council, about the keeping of dogs and cats." Are you recently bereaved?What specific legal matters need attention after the death of a partner?For more than 150 years the Old Treasury Building has been home to the city offices of the Governor of Victoria.

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It has housed murderers, rapists, thieves, lunatics and vagrants, and has been the site of many of their deaths. Take a guided tour through the Parliament of Victoria and find out how our laws are made.

The term can also refer to an umpire who resolves consumer complaints in a particular industry, for example, banking." A form of alternative dispute resolution where an independent person (a mediator) is appointed to help the parties come to agreement.

Parties may choose to use mediation instead of going to court, or the court may order the parties to go to mediation as a way of avoiding a court hearing." Join the Faculty of Law, Monash Law Students' Society, and the Progressive Law Network for an insightful and timely panel commentary on issues of queer visibility and allyship in the legal and professional industries.

Take a tour and get to know the history and architecture of this institution.

Recently arrived Syrian and Iraqi refugees are invited to attend this event to tour the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court.