When did adam brody and rachel bilson start dating

19 Dec

I'll never walk again, but all I can do is lie in bed and watch your TV show.' It's just—stuff you get." She shrugs and takes another bite of swordfish. "I think we just started making a different show, we were trying to make a show that delivered on the melodrama."Another note was that the show needed a new adult female character—hence the addition of Jerri Ryan's Charlotte, who tried to scam money from Kirsten in the most boring storyline in history—and more teen drama.I ask if that letter came from a soldier in Iraq, and she says, "I don't remember. The latter led to the addition of tormented surfer Johnny (Ryan Donowho), a mind-bogglingly terrible character who inexplicably took over the show for much of season three.

In a weary, singsong voice, she says, "Like, 'I was in the war and my leg got cut off and I'm in the hospital.

But in the case of Barton and Bilson, there's some actual evidence of beef.

In that same memorable ELLE interview quoted above, Barton threw some low-key but quietly spectacular shade at Bilson, who had begun the show as a guest star before being rapidly upgraded to a series regular.

Here are 10 tidbits about what went down behind the scenes.

If you're a die-hard fan, you've probably heard this one before.