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23 Feb

It hurts when you have a father who is alive that you are not close to.

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So many wrongs in society are tolerated because they have been justified by the way African men are perceived to be.

Listen to her, she has alot of interest in your life, she is looking out for you. The moment you chose to commit to a woman, it stopped being just about you, no more “I” but “We”. This is not a battle of the sexes, this is love, this is marriage.

You need her, she needs you Some African men keep off looking for love in a different race, scared of being mocked.

When an African man loves his car, he will tell people about it and show off; when he loves his success, he will talk about it; when he loves his woman, he will tell her and the world.

If a man finds it hard to telling and showing his woman he loves her, that is just his ego taking over or it could be, he actually doesn’t love her.