Whitney port who is she dating

24 Oct

"I'm going to try my very best to not be one of those moms whose feed is dominated by their baby but I can totally see how difficult it will be not to.

"Everyone is so happy and healthy and we are home now," she added.

As Timmy always tells me: There’s a huge difference between my perception and the reality of any given situation.Of course, I felt immediately awful for putting that scenario in his head.And then, because I’m overly self-aware to a fault, I felt insane for needing his reassurance in the first place.Some days I didn’t think it was worth living, and other days I’d want to seize the moment.Add to that a layer of guilt for having these feelings, when I knew how many people had it so much worse. When Timmy would go out with his friends, I’d get nervous that he’d feel so relieved that he wasn’t tending to me that it would lead him to complain about our relationship. I repeated this narrative to myself so frequently that it ultimately caused fights between Timmy and me—fights that weren’t even based on any sort of reality. I was losing my sense of self, and the confidence I’d once been so proud to have. I envisioned our child as this new, shiny, tiny thing that would not inflict any of this torment on Timmy. Timmy is a very attentive husband, but after his paternity leave ended, he’d come home from work and immediately go into the baby’s room without so much as a hello to me.That’s why, when Timmy and I aren’t on the same page, I remind myself that nothing is set in stone, that our relationship is constantly evolving.A healthy relationship relies on both people holding one another accountable for their actions.After prolonged begging, he finally—begrudgingly—agrees to help. Even if it’s a quick errand, we’d always rather go together than go alone.We are on the same page when it comes to decisions about Sonny; our instincts are typically the same.Timmy is the funniest person I know, who always puts family first, and I trust his opinion about everything.But all those good bits don’t cancel out my insecurities. I truly believe that if the core of your family isn’t strong, the rest will fall apart.