Who cm punk dating

21 Dec

On September 1, it also became widely known that Joey Mercury required surgery, thus putting the future of the group in doubt.

Punk ended up hitting Paul Heyman with the championship belt while the referee was knocked out and allowed for The Cm punk dating maria to capitalize and retain his championship.

However, being the consummate professional that he is, it is unlikely Punk will allow personal issues to affect his performances on camera—even if the two might overlap.

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The ESPN Sportsnation host is a well known pro wrestling fan with a huge following who is friends with many folks at WWE, including, at that time, CM Punk.CM Punk 'Irked' When Asked About Possible Return To Wrestling "That's the whole reason I asked her to marry me," Punk told "We were friends on the road for so long and she knew everything about me.I would tell her every stupid thing I ever did, and it's come back to bite me in the ass in certain respects, but there's no secrets, and I'd have it no other way." Punk left the WWE in January 2014 on the day after the and amid heavy speculation over why he left, the "Best in the World" stayed silent for nearly a year before breaking it in November.Phillip jack phil brooks (born october 26, 1978), better known by the ring name cm punk, is an american mixed martial artist, comic book writer, and retired professional wrestler who is signed with the ultimate fighting championship (ufc) punk is perhaps best known for his time in wwe, where he was a two-time wwe champion, including.Wwe raw diva search contestant, maria joined host vikram sangar in a uk wrestling talk show in an exclusive when asked about her love-life, she said that cm punk and herself have been dating for almost seven months and noted that he is amazing in the ring, outside in the ring and in “their department” maria also mentioned that she.Punk and Lee no longer work for the WWE, but they met each other during their time in Vince Mc Mahon's organization and got married after the former WWE Champion walked out on the company.The WWE Superstar-turned-UFC fighter shared what led to him deciding that she was the one for him, saying that she has always been supportive of him and stood by his side.Punk appeared on his good friend Colt Cabana's podcast and revealed the reasons behind him leaving the company, which ranged from him being upset over how he was creatively used to him growing frustrated over being asked to work hurt.Lee stayed with the WWE after Punk departed for over a year, but she took a hiatus last June to move in with him in Chicago and the two were wed that month as well.We texted on a regular basis, we've had dinner numerous times; it's just one of those things where he's not my friend, whatever. I thought it was a friendship, I guess I was wrong. He was alone in a hallway, he didn't really say anything. And I looked up at him and he wouldn't look at me and he kept his back to us and she kept going and I just was blown away. I thought it had died but when I got home like that following week it hit all the blogs and all the wrestling peeps had all this information and that's when I finally..."But I show up at Tribute to the Troops, I see him in the hallway, I say 'what up, f-face', which is my very loving way of referring to my friends. I issued like a three part tweet just to say my side of the story because it was getting really old (hearing) that I was trying to take someone's man or whatever high school crap people want to say. And, you know, Phil and I stopped being friends that day and I wish him the best of luck and that's it. I thought he was one of those cool guys that kind of didn't fall into a certain role and kind of did what he wanted but to watch all that happen and to have somebody tattle on me and have their girlfriend get in my face is a little pathetic.