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When I asked him “How do you feel about being the adopted father of an adopted child? For the next month, we did nothing but paperwork, or so it seemed. I just figured after I got married I would one day have the urge. We felt stable financially, were enjoying staying home on Saturday nights, and basically said, “Why not?”, he got this very tender look in his eyes and said, “I’ll know how to explain it to her.” I have many friends who’ve adopted, and each one is a beautiful story, but ours was uniquely fast. ” conversation with an adoption attorney, but we were busy in our lives and thought we’d wait six months or a year before starting the paperwork and all the other requirements. A few days later our attorney called us back with a trill in her voice. Finances, background checks, original birth certificates, testimonials from friends, bank records, tax returns and meetings with a social worker. ” I was worried my lack of urge would make it hard to adapt to being a mom, but I loved my son deeply from the second I met him and have never regretted our decision.

I said, “But things are so good the way they are,” and he replied, “There’s no perfect time to have a baby.” That resonated with me.Financial stability isn’t always a factor, it’s often assumed everything will work out fine.My husband was still in law school; we didn’t question whether we were prepared or not.My husband is adopted, so when we started talking about having a family, he was very open to the idea.When it turned out that I had some medical issues that would have made pregnancy tricky, even dangerous, he was one hundred percent pro. Miracle, miracle, miracle, I kept saying to myself. As my mid-thirties approached, my husband and I realized that our choice to have kids would be more of a intellectual decision instead of an emotional decision.— Linsey Deciding to Adopt Before I even met my husband, I knew I wanted to adopt.I didn’t feel a deep desire to be pregnant, but I felt deeply that I would be a loving mom to a child “who is already here,” as I used to say to my friends.— Audrey One Mormon Experience I was 25 when my first daughter was born.It’s common in the Mormon culture to have kids really young.I don’t want to make assumptions for my daughter, and I’m always trying to plant seeds, like saying, IF you want to be a mom someday, or IF you want to be a doctor someday. I want her to feel open to every possibility and know there is joy in all of it.When it came to having kids, I honestly didn’t think about it.