Who is bear grylls dating

06 Jan

Bear was treated at Headley Court, the defence forces' rehabilitation centre in Surrey."The doctor said I was a miracle man. Because of my age and my fitness, they decided I could avoid surgery." Instead, he underwent ten hours a day of physiotherapy, swimming, stretching and ultrasound treatment - a programme designed to help servicemen get back to active duty, but rarely available to civilians.

The alternative - and one offered to most people in a similar situation, but without Bear's peak fitness - is surgery to fuse the broken vertebrae.'I had nightmares for months.

The man who catapults himself into alien, life-threatening environments, surviving on his wits alone, practically bursts with good health - or so it seems to the viewer watching him on television from the comfort of the sofa.

Yet despite appearances, Bear has been plagued with back pain for over ten years - for which he only recently found an effective treatment.

And when I'm on an expedition I eat what I have to in order to stay alive.

More importantly, after my back accident, my spine and pelvis had lost alignment, so I felt unbalanced." Sarah explained that Bear's pelvis was slightly twisted - and that this would cause endless problems and backache.

Even when at home I exercised six days a week, alternating circuit training, running and yoga," says Bear, now 33.

Without these high levels of activity his reading could have been even worse; his older sister, Lara, had an even higher reading of eight.

Doctors recommend that cholesterol levels are under five and even lower for patients at particular risk of heart disease.

Bear appears to suffer from a hereditary predisposition to dangerously high levels of cholesterol, which clogs the arteries and can lead to heart attacks and stroke.