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19 Sep

Missy Elliot performs "Sock It 2 Me", after which the Rosh Hashannah ball drops. In a pre-taped segment, Chris interviews people about jobs for school dropouts (with a cameo by Nipsey Russell). Peter Johnson (Mario Joyner), who shows videos of his assisted suicide cases, then chases a sneezing man with a chainsaw. The public's reactions to "Soundtrack: The Movie" are shown during the credits.Chris and Bryant discuss race, controversy in journalism, sleep, and Bryant's charity work. LL Cool J performs "Phenomenon", and the chase continues during the credits. Chris plays a re-edited clip from the Million Woman March in which Jada Pinkett leads the crowd in a chant of "The Roof is On Fire".Chris and George discuss TV censorship and George's past and present career. Leonard Laxalt (Mario Joyner) about his new treatment for depression: hard liquor. Note: The DVD release is edited to remove Maestro's "Table Dance" from the "hard liquor" segment.Cold open: an ad is shown for the "Dataport 2000T," a non-electric data device. Chris shows some (fictitious) clips from previous episodes featuring different video backdrops.An ad is shown for LP Bob's Really Rare Records, where LP Bob (Lance Crouther) promotes controversial records that you can't have. Chris shows some pictures of balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.In a pre-taped segment, Chris interviews people about Thanksgiving, then invites them to a Thanksgiving dinner with a live turkey.The Chris Rock Show was a late night comedy talk show featured on HBO.

In a pre-taped segment, Chris interviews representatives of different political parties (with a few soundbites from Michael J. Chris and Jesse talk about the lack of motivation to keep the American dream alive.

In a pre-taped segment, Chris visits funeral homes and interviews people about death.

For Halloween, Kiddie Kable News anchors Wanda Witch (Wanda Sykes) and Scoopo the Clown (Ali Le Roi) grin as they report gruesome news items. Cold open: an ad is shown for The Church of Latter Day Gay Sex.

Puff Daddy and Ma$e perform "Been Around the World". In an infomercial, self-made millionaire Malcolm Monroe (Chris) hawks his money-making system: lottery tickets.

Cold open: Chris talks about auditioning for The Chris Rock Show (with a soundbite from David Alan Grier). Wyclef Jean performs "Gone Till November" with the Urban Youth Symphony.