Who is christopher saint john dating

04 Nov

The band features a horn section with 3 saxes, as well as a great rhythm section. We have 14 new songs, however we do not play any CC material in our shows.

No worries I will of course continue to play CC shows. Christopher TAKE ME AS I AM "Take Me As I Am" is a unique offering from Christopher Cross, a hybrid of sorts – the songs are instrumentals with choruses to create the lyrical landscape.

Statues of Saint Christopher are often placed on car dashboards to protect against accidents, and worn as medallions to protect the traveler.

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z_de&&z_J("1.9.1");z_I&&z_J("9");var z_Oe=! As you can see I have a new project band in Austin called “Freedonia”.It’s been a ton of fun to working with these talented folks, and I am very excited about the album coming out, and our first show in Austin June 8th.