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08 Sep

VINTAGE BUCKSTITCH SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Betsy from Mississippi Betsey purchased this vintage saddle on Ebay for just . meaning because it was in rough shape, the seller thought it's only use was as a source of parts. It's definitely a great representative of it's era. OLIVEREZ MEXICAN SADDLE Mike from Colorado This is a great example of a real "working saddle" - a stock saddle used to get the job done.

Mike bought it in Denver for 0 and believes it's from the 1920's or 30's.

SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Kennae from the Kentucky This saddle was found in an attic of an old house that was being added on to.

It has a 12 inch seat, so Kennae thinks it may be a small pony or youth saddle There's no maker or other identifying marks on the saddle.

The unique style and craftsmanship, along with it's wonderful condition for its age, make this saddle a true treasure.

But secretly, she is also teen pop sensation Hannah Montana, and the only people who know besides her family are her best friends, Lilly and Oliver. (holds Lilly's chin and turns her head to the correct angle) Lilly: Oh.Karen shares that it looks hand made or at least hand carved. STERNBERG BEARTRAP SADDLE Lester from Wyoming This handsome saddle was made by the A. Lester has researched the saddle and knows that it was produced between 19.Some restoration has been done, but only a few of the parts are not original.Western saddles have a rich history and tradition and no saddles can tell those stories better than antique saddles.With each of these saddles, you can easily imagine the miles they've gone, the places they've been, the work they've done, and the people they've known.Bear Trap saddles were designed to keep you in and were often used for competitions and rodeo events. VINTAGE BUCKSTITCH SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Betsy from Mississippi Another wonderful restored saddle from Betsey.They're nickname was the"Widow Maker" for obvious reasons. It doesn't have a maker's mark but "1926" is stamped on the Latigo Keeper rosette, which is likeyl the year it was made. All of the leather except for the stirrup leathers is original, but it has been completely restitched, with new fleece and saddle strings added.The make-over included straigtening and re-rawhiding the tree and replacing the leather, using the patterns from the old leather.Pat finished it off with a nickel horn, brass conchos and ox bow stirrups.The story from the seller is that he bought a 1953 Caddy a few years ago at an estate sale in Oregon amd found this saddle in the car.As all good parade saddles do, it has a load of flashy trim for lots of sparkle.