Who is dating t pain

05 Sep

It’s the not knowing or not understanding why his behavior is inconsistent that gets to us.

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“That’s what is healthy and long lasting and will also most benefit you, your partner, and the relationship." Not everyone has anxiety, but pretty much all of us come to a new relationship with some form of baggage in tow. No, seriously, what do you struggle with in meaningful relationships and life? Pointing out your partner's erratic behavior is not going to help them chill out or act more rational—it will only make things worse, and cause them to continue spiraling.(They're already worried that their behavior will drive you away, don't fuel the fire.)Instead, take a deep breath, remember that your partner is in pain, and stay calm.Those are just a few examples, but in general, a feeling of being ‘in the dark’ or ‘uncertain’ is what anxiety sufferers can’t stand.Since every new relationship is a clean slate, the best thing to do is keep a positive outlook on the new relationship’s potential, and have faith in the person you are dating." and "What do you wish people knew about your anxiety?" Then, don’t try to jump in with answers or input of your own (unless solicited, of course). “Listen to them and let them know you care,” Sherman says. Sometimes just knowing they are loved and aren’t alone goes a long way.”As you and your partner discuss anxiety, work to form a better picture of what sets their anxiety off. "With that in mind, try not to take your partner's anxiety personally.There may be times when your partner is so overwhelmed by anxiety, they may act in a way that seems irrational to you (crying, yelling, talking in circles).But to avoid making the situation worse, keep calm yourself.So exercise a little empathy, Gilliland recommends. A lot of anxiety stems from feelings of uncertainty.