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21 Nov

He often goes out with friends for basketball games and visits his parents.He was divorced with Ingrid Quinn and married to Jaime Bergman.Boreanaz with the arrival of the second baby in the family felt the need of more space and bought a 1.9-acre hilltop estate with a sprawling, single story house.

Truth or rumor, when news that the actor was splitting hit the internet Wednesday (July 18), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary.

Living beside Ozzie Osbourne, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Kim Kardashian surely makes the Hidden hill area a celebrity backyard.

One of the big names residing the expensive area of Hidden Hills is the famous Hollywood Comic-con actor David Boreanaz.

The Bones actor lives in a luxurious mansion in Hidden Hills, CA.

He bought the house from The Chicken Littles and property market Pollyannas at the mind-blowing cost of 3.35 million USD in 2009.