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23 Feb

And then, of course, there was the whole messy love triangle.

While Huston and Flynn had never met, they were separated by one degree of Olivia de Havilland.

So if you were invited to his home, you showed up dressed to the nines.

According to newspapers of the day, Selznick’s party was quite the affair, “attended by scores of the famous and near famous.” It was a Who’s Who of Hollywood, a menagerie of beautiful bodies and oversized egos, and it would all end with a spectacularly bloody fistfight.

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But while he was a hero onscreen, Flynn was gaining plenty of notoriety in real life.

In 1942, the Australian heartthrob was accused of raping two underage girls, though he made it through the legal system largely unscathed.

The two starred in eight films together and were widely considered one of cinema’s greatest onscreen couples.And while she later claimed Huston was possibly the love of her life, Olivia got tired of John’s womanizing ways and dumped the director for an Army airman.But Huston never stopped thinking about de Havilland, and she’d gotten under Flynn’s skin too.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Allied troops were invading Germany, Benito Mussolini had just been assassinated, and in Los Angeles, the Tinseltown elite were partying at David O. The producer of Oscar-winning films like (1940), Selznick was one of the biggest players in Hollywood.Infuriated, Huston fired back, saying, “That’s a lie, and even if it weren’t a lie, only a son of a bitch would repeat it.” The prey had taken the bait, and Flynn asked if Huston wanted “to make anything out of it.” The director was only too happy to oblige.Drunk, angry, and ready to fight, the two made their way to Selznick’s garden.That same year, he celebrated his birthday by nearly beating a butler to death.And the year before, Flynn had slapped a gossip columnist across the face.It didn’t help matters that the actor was struggling with alcoholism.Basically, Errol Flynn loved looking for trouble, so when he saw Huston at Selznick’s party, he decided it might be fun to pick a fight.