Who is eva mendes dating 2016

24 Jan

" [ excitement with beau Ryan Gosling, but she emerged for the New York & Co. Related: Eva Explains Her Red Carpet Absence Guess we know where her priorities lie! Looking luminous, the actress wore a light turquoise one-shoulder dress from the collection that wouldn't have been out of place on the red carpet at all. [ It feels like forever since we've last seen this glowing soul!

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Striped wedges and tousled hair completed the serene, spring-ready look. But according to Eva Mendes, there's a very good reason she hasn't been on the red carpet in months and opted to skip out on awards season as Ryan Gosling celebrated wins with star's arm was none other than his older sister, Mandi Gosling!!If they had it their way, they probably would have kept the entire thing secret pretty much forever, until their daughter had graduated from college and taken up crocheting on a remote island in Canada (because doesn’t that sound like a career Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s daughter would have? The couple welcomed their first daughter (the imagined future crocheter), Esmeralda Amada, in September of 2014.Her arrival was kept extremely quiet, save for TMZ obtaining a copy of Esmeralda’s birth certificate.Just last month, hot off the heels that the other handsome Canadian named Ryan (as in Reynolds) had impregnated lady for the second time, we got word that Gosling and Mendes were also expecting their second child—and that its arrival was imminent.These two have reached Jason Bourne levels of stealth when it comes to procreating and keeping it out of the public eye.Eva Marie later said that "I wouldn't have run into that problem if I just believed in myself from the start.Now that I'm older, I know it's so much better to have tried and maybe you fail, then to have never tried at all." Eva Marie, along with the cast of Total Divas appeared on Miz TV on the July 22 episode of Raw, where she slapped Jerry Lawler, claiming to make a name for herself and establishing herself as a heel in the process.In November 2014, Mendes told Violet Grey that “Amada was my grandmother’s name.It means ‘beloved’ in Spanish.’” We hope you’re paying attention, because this is going to come up again shortly.Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are among the most private of celebrity couples.The last time they reproduced, they tried to keep it under wraps.