Who is he dating ian somerhalder dating military men australia

25 Sep

Somerhalder and Dobrev tried to remain covert as a couple, often denying rumors they were dating, or speaking obscurely when questions or statements veered towards their suspected relationship.

“He has to be a happy person,” she said is her relationship requirement. He sure did: “You’ll laugh and enjoy life more,” she said. In a previous interview for magazine she had more detail in what she meant.

When it comes to separating business from pleasure, plenty of evidence exists that shows dating someone you work with has the potential for producing majorly disastrous results.

Personal experience has convinced me that I'd rather be bitten by a vampire than get cozy with another co-worker, but that's just me.

But judging by the current romantic drama he's involved in, I'm not sure how he arrived at that conclusion, particularly considering reports that the former Lost actor and his Vampire Diaries co-star and ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev don't even speak to one another.

I could be going out on a limb here with the following hypothesis (hey, maybe they get along totally fine on set!