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21 Dec

After reviewing her suggestions, I revised and polished, creating a book that I hope a publisher will like.

Today I emailed my manuscript telling the story of Mrs. Here’s hoping the publisher I chose has as much faith in this story as I do. There’s nothing easy about publishing a novel (or any other type of book for that matter).

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We are now looking at a release date of June 12, 2018. JESSE JAMES, is officially contracted for publication with Amphorae Publishing Group’s Blank Slate Press imprint. March 7, 2017 – My novel has passed the first hurdle and is being read by others at the publishing house. A request for more information including an updated bio, marketing plan, log line, and short book blurb were requested.

I’ve received my ARCs and the finished project should soon be sitting on my doorstep. April 19, 2018 – Patience is a virtue, and I can use a heaping dose of it.

An unfortunate glitch with the book distributor has resulted in another delay.

The release date for has been pushed to August 24, 2018. It (hopefully) won’t be much longer until this book finally arrives!

Not all of Swift's exes took her attacks lying down.

When Swift and DJ Calvin Harris split in the summer of 2016 after more than a year together, she not only reported that Harris and Swift had worried the song would be "overshadowed" by media attention if the press and fans found out they'd collaborated, so Swift used the pseudonym "Nils Sjoberg" on the credits and kept the publishing rights to the song.