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27 Dec

When you’re a shy girl, life can be a bit of a confusion.[Read: 15 really easy conversation starters to talk to any guy] But you know what?After highlighting with “You Don’t Have To Be Afraid,” King apologized and explained it was her sixth show with her backing band, and that she got really lonely touring her previous albums and was starting to feel like a novelty act (i.e.: the “Queen of the Acoustic Guitar” and “The Tapping Girl” tags that are sometimes associated with her).I understand her frustration, because I’m sure it gets lonely touring completely solo, but at the same time, she is in a position that many songwriters would kill for. The whole point of being a true artist is to not be affected by what people say about you.After rushing through the song, she said huffily, “Seriously, am I gonna have to play the rest of the show by myself?” A fan was cheering her on, requesting songs from her catalog, but she merely angrily replied, “F*** you, man! ” It was pretty much downhill from there, even though her band rejoined her.I’m a big advocate of not placing favorite musicians on a pedestal and not letting their personalities affect your feelings towards their music. When I bought Kaki King’s Legs To Make Us Longer two years ago, it was difficult to keep her off said pedestal — I mean, she makes music all by herself and has taken acoustic guitar-playing to an entirely new level.

[Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance] Many outspoken girls may tell you that guys hate shy girls *they’re probably jealous*.

King then performed fan favorite “Playing with Pink Noise” solo.

From there, she went into “Ahuvati,” which, though admittedly great, was hard to listen to when the whole time she was looking around, waiting for her band mates to come back on stage.

You’ll be pretty pleased with yourself for being a shy girl.

[Read: Why guys love a chase when it comes to attracting girls] #2 Shy girls can be didn’t know what to talk about with her anyway.