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22 Feb

Beyond that there is no one else in my close relation with,” says Siddharth.

A model-turned-actor who moved to Mumbai to audition for a film that however failed to take off, Siddharth then began assisting during the making of the film My Name is Khan in 2010.

The young actor has become a heartthrob indeed and has been enjoying the attention of his fans, made up mostly of young girls!

“Oh yeah, of course; aakhirkar sab mehnat ka fal hai.

Being star kids, the two have taken these dating rumors lightly and aren’t allowing it all to affect their well-being. “People say that star should behave like this or like that.

“My father (Mahesh Bhatt) had warned me that this would happen. Well, I can’t do that and am best suited to behave normal. It is just that I have become a little busier and have not been able to meet friends.

Like whenever we go to the malls and people cheer for us,” says a smiling Siddharth Malhotra.

After having made his debut alongside Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra is now being termed as one of Bollywood’s most sought after newcomers. The news however was put down by Siddharth who recently said, “Aaah, no I am not involved with anyone right now and there is no dating-shating happening.

His frequent appearance has sparked rumours of their affair.

Alia Bhatt plays Shanaya Singhania while Varun Dhawan plays Rohan Nanda.

The film also includes veteran actor Rishi Kapoor playing the role of a gay school dean named Yogendra Vasisht.

After months of drama, finally, Malaika has cut all bonds with the Khan’daan’.

She has no looking back now and has happily moved on in life.