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30 Dec

Simply, without Kelly Slater, surfing wouldn't be surfing; it would be something else. I would pay literally anything to have that board back. It had a picture of Jaws swimming up to a naked lady on the bottom. We owned a bait and tackle shop with a live shrimp tank. We watched all of the shuttle and satellite launches. My mom worked for them and the owner, Bill, wanted to give us a little bit of money so he started a little surfboard line through the company for us. I felt like I had an ability to push that into something that hadn't been seen before. I had that feeling really clearly a couple times last year. I felt really in tune with the waves and no matter what, I'm winning. If I didn't have a world title and that happened it would be a lot tougher. I was so reluctant to go to the casting; I didn't really put in any sort of special performance, I just wanted to get out of there.

Surfing's greatest of all time said he would contest the 2019 world tour before bowing out of the competitive arena.

I came and did this one little scene and then they called me, “You want to come down and do another one?

” I did that three times, three different times and I did more stuff.

He won all of the time and it usually wasn't close. Sometimes he'd win his heats with pure creativity and physics-defying turns; other times he relied on toughness and the sheer force of his own will. He didn't grow up in Tahiti or the Gold Coast of Australia or Newport Beach, CA. His childhood bedroom didn't overlook some world class break like Trestles or Pipeline. Instead, he came of age in Coco Beach, Florida a place once known as "the Small Wave Capital of the World." He was raised by working class people who struggled. In 1992, Slater became the youngest surfer to win a world title and in 2010 he became the oldest.

Then I started reading interviews he did and discovered that he's smart and a fundamentally good human being. But Slater, now 42 years old and (at the time of this writing, as the tour's seventh stop of the season is about to kick off) the sixth ranked surfer on the Association of Professional Surfing's World Tour, is the most dominant athlete in the history of his sport and arguably any other sport. He has captured 11 world titles despite taking a three year retirement to chase big swells and play in a band.