Who is olivia benson dating

20 Oct

I'm 55 years old, my profession is dying, my ex-wives all hate me, my credit cards are maxed out because I've got three kids in college, and I've never felt better in my life. "You can be whole again, Olivia." Well, he's lying. He probably sits there with you, tells you that you're working through it, right?

When Stabler tells Benson to go down 67, she says “copy” even though she didn’t actually hear what he said.

She has disregarded the wishes of victims, abused her power, and allowed people to get hurt due to her gross negligence.

Sure, her heart is usually in the right place, but we can’t just brush off her major screw-ups.

After Benson fails to turn down the correct street, the perpetrator gets away.

Because of Benson’s negligence, she and her partner failed to save a fourth rape victim.