Who is rob kardashian dating

06 Mar

Unlike his sisters, Rob has taken a backseat to fame and tends to spend most of his time off camera and away from the limelight.While his sisters make a lot of their income from public appearances and brand endorsements, Rob prefers to lay low.Kardashian went on to date pop sensation Rita Ora, though he later claimed she was unfaithful with "more than 20 dudes." When Rob and Rita split in 2012, his weight started to become a major issue.He turned to junk food to help him cope, and as his weight ballooned, his self-esteem went in the other direction.For these reasons, Celebrity Net Worth says Rob's net worth is million though his sisters' net worths range from million (Kendall) to 5 million (Kim, obviously).The site calls Rob a "reality TV star" and "Today, Rob's main focus is raising his daughter, Dream, plus the occasional promotional push for his sock line, Arthur George.

"No one will ever understand how much it hurts," he later added.

By 2015, the reality star's appearance was making headlines for all the wrong reasons, forcing him to take action and start working out.

In a now deleted Instagram post (via ), he revealed that his problem worsened when he started consuming milkshakes at an alarming rate.

Kardashian became a recluse, reportedly afraid to step out in public out of fear of being photographed.

In 2018, he finally managed to shed some pounds and get back within reach of his ideal weight, but how did he do it?