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04 Dec

Because of the obsessive nature of our beings, the passionate nature of our coming together — and it’s still there, the jealousy, the passion, the insanity.” , he started going to Alcoholics Anonymous. And then he “picked it up again.” In 2009, he was arrested in Normal, Illinois for drunk driving after police pulled him over for speeding; his blood alcohol content was twice the state’s legal limit.He was arrested again, in 2015, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the same charge, though it was dismissed later that year.Both were born to volatile, alcoholic fathers, though Shepard’s relationship to his was doubtless more troubled.(His most famous plays — all center on fractured families, dominated by drunken, often violent patriarchs.) They were both wild in their twenties.The similarities between actress Jessica Lange and playwright, actor, and writer Sam Shepard, her partner for almost thirty years, abound, if you know where to look.

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“He’s not going to pack his bags, sit on my location for three months, and twiddle with the kids.” (Shepard and Lange have two children together.) She spoke, in the same interview, of Shepard’s restlessness.

Van Itallie drew knowing laughter when he added, “I don’t want to give an image that Sam was doing this intellectually or that it was a dry, intellectual scene down here in the Sixties. Joyce Aaron Funk, Shepard’s girlfriend and an actress who appeared in his early works, recalled the early days, and two current actors, Wayne Maugans and Leslie Silva performed a scene from one of them, .

Artist Charles Mingus III, a friend from high school and later roommate of Shepard’s, had a somewhat more raw recollection of their on-again, off-again friendship and collaborations.

It’s almost always more exciting to imagine that which is being withheld than to enjoy that which is offered freely.

And they both — behind steely gazes and set jaws — deliberately project the act of withholding.