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My first thought was oh crap, I’m gonna have to dance, which is something I’m not good at. It was the most work I had to do for a show up until . It was a lot of movement and stuff I’m not really keen on. The last of the last My very last meal would probably be a cheeseburger from the House of Blues in Los Angeles, with a side of nachos from Professor Tom’s on 12th Street and 2nd Avenue and a dozen oysters from the Mermaid on the Upper West Side.

So I learned it, I put my head down, I had my struggles, I had nights where I cried to my parents and said they’re going to fire me because I’m not doing this right.

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My younger brother is only a year younger than I am, I don’t have any small cousins that I hung out with. I didn’t know what to do with them, I didn’t know this generation’s kids, I didn’t know that they were as talented as some of the adults I’ve worked with before. Now my drug of choice is my show, because everything else — along with life — that comes with doing a leading role in a show is tough, because you’re doing non-stop prep, and you’re the guy in front, you’re in the spotlight, you’re the one taking all the heat.

I made the big mistake in of treating them like they’re kids until they reminded me very quickly that they weren’t, they were young professionals, and then we established this wonderful relationship in that show that I brought with me to . But when I’m done with the show, or previously, in the summer, I like a vodka soda, and in the winter I like just bourbon. What’s funny is when I get on stage for two and a half hours every night, that is when I’m in complete control, and I feel the most electric.

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