Who is stana katic dating

01 Sep

WATCH: Beyonce Announces HBO Special, ‘Lemonade’ As far as the cast and crew – their feelings for the show’s co-stars are divided.“For the most part there isn’t a Team Nathan or a Team Stana,” the insider added.She appeared as Simone Renoir in the movie, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice.She also starred in the film, For Lovers Only and The Double in 2010.A bunch of us ended up pitching in our own money for the wrap party that doubled as a retirement party for one of our grips.” But only one half of the feuding TV couple showed.WEDDED BLISS: ‘Empire’ Costars Tie The Knot “Stana and her husband Kris showed up, and everyone was thrilled to see her.

It was only when she revealed that she was married to her long-term boyfriend Kris Brkljac who is a business consultant. We will discuss both her love affair and married life with her ex-husband Kris. Stana Katic had done a very good job at keeping her personal life under wraps for past few years but in April 2015, Stana Katic left a big cat out of the bag as she revealed that she has been married to a business consultant Kris Brkljac and that they hardly see each other in public.

“Most everyone on set is aware that Nathan basically runs the show and calls the shots, and to cross him could mean their jobs so they get along fine with him.

On the other hand they all love and adore Stana, and can’t imagine the show without her.

“It’s true that ABC has to cut back on spending if the show does come back this season.

Stana was making nearly as much as Nathan, so eliminating her from the cast would save them millions.