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Joseph impersonates Salim and travels through Europe with Charlie in order to make Khalil believe that Charlie and Salim are lovers - when he discovers this, Kahlil contacts Charlie, and the Israelis are able to track him down.

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For criteria 3 it's better, and for criteria 4 its worse. We assess each of the alternatives B, C and D in the same way, filling in all the blanks.As with The Night Manager, the drama is set to be full of intrigue, double-dealing, seduction and violence.The plot follows the manipulations of Becker - originally called Martin Kurtz in the book - an Israeli spymaster who wants to kill a Palestinian terrorist who is bombing Jewish-related targets in Europe.Her first big break was 2014's The Falling, which she starred in alongside Game of Throne's Maisie Williams and Maxine Peake.She has since followed this up with roles in Marcella and a big screen outing in 2016's Lady Macbeth.It is also used when only one solution is possible, only one product can be brought to market, has only sufficient financing for one solution or where the optimal alternative is required, and you are deciding on the basis of multiple criteria.It can also be used where there are many alternatives, none of which are quite suitable.Florence Pugh is one of the rising British stars in the film industry at the moment.The 21-year-old Oxford native has already a number of critically acclaimed projects.The most important criteria in the decision are chosen, and the alternatives are compared using these criteria.There are variations and how to use the criteria and we will look at those later on.