Whos dating from the real world

03 Mar

Things definitely took a turn for the dramatic in season two with the inclusion of Mon-El, the former prince of the destroyed planet Daxam who crash lands on earth.

Benoist and Wood have been a pretty influential couple outside of the show, advocating for mental health awareness through Wood's website "I Don't Mind." The reactions to this pairing have been somewhat mixed overall on became a true cultural phenomenon after it hit theaters and 2017.Keaton and Pfeiffer make you believe this relationship at every turn.In real life, the pair dated for a brief period of time before they ever filmed Batman Returns together.While there is nothing romantic between the costars in real life, they still got along great on set.Pine even joked that he got to flirt and fall in love with her while filming the movie and nicknamed her "Giggle Gadot." introduced two new villains who in turn deepened Bruce Wayne/Batman as a character, making for a story that was dark and tragic, yet entertaining and fun to watch.Ultimately, nothing became of that relationship on screen.Behind the scenes, though, Lawrence and Hoult kindled a relationship.In the film, the story teases out some romantic tension between the two characters.Both characters felt like they were outsiders, and they shared that bond together.The two met on set while filming the movie, and the relationship lasted for five years.While it wasn't meant to be between the two of them, they've both managed to carve out successful careers for themselves.