Windows 7 no longer updating Black cam chat

10 Sep

-- they're skipping 9, for some reason -- which is due in the second half of this year.

Microsoft is set to make an announcement about Windows 10 a week from now on 21 January, so stick with us to find out what Gates' mates have up their sleeves.

You can also force it to check for new updates and apply them by using the Update Options button.

Unlucky for some: it's 13 January 2015, and that means the end of free support for Windows 7.

That will end in 2020, when Microsoft turns out the light on Windows 7 for good.

Instead, updates for Office will be installed automatically for you within a few days after these updates get released.

Explorer gets is information from NTFS, by using a cmd prompt and "dir" we found that the NTFS metadata for the files is not updated until the handle to a file is closed.

For a while now I've noticed my updates aren't actually going anywhere.

If you do not already have Windows Update integrated with Microsoft Update, you will see the message “Get updates for other Microsoft products” on the Windows Update home page.

To enable checking for other products, click the Find Out More option shown beside this message.