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25 Jan

Now you are ready to append data to the end of your installer!When you run your installer, it will display a message box that says “No data found”.To clarify, the Digital Signature tab on the file properties page is no longer present when data is appended to a signed executable in this way.Windows 10 does not throw an error warning that the signature is invalid. Embed User Data Method #2 – VALID DIGITAL SIGNATURE I was able to successfully embed custom user data into the signed NSIS installer file by using the method described in Aymeric Barthe‘s blog post Changing a Signed Executable Without Altering Windows Digital Signature.Unlike a lot of people, I actually really like the idea of Luke projecting himself to distract Kylo, even if I disagree with how they got Luke to that position, and it was a great way to hype Luke’s return in Episode IX, but they ruined it by having him die saving maybe 30 people while the First Order is inexplicably conquering the galaxy without opposition.Honestly, I feel like his death was studio-mandated to make room for the new characters and wasn’t even Rian Johnson’s decision.Hell, she just stole the texts because they needed a reason for her to be a Jedi later but the character never feels like someone who gives a shit about the Jedi after meeting Luke.

Do you send custom versions of your installer file to each user (e.g. Would you like to have NSIS build one master installer file and easily embed the user data into the installer without having to rebuild or resign the installer? I will demonstrate how to implement the NSIS Read Customer Data function to customize your master installer file for each user.I was able to make a few minor changes to Aymeric’s code so that it would compile and run correctly on Linux and mac OS (OSX).Download my port to Linux/mac OS in my “Signed NSIS exe Append Payload” Git Hub repository.Continue reading to learn how to add a custom payload.If you have a complex payload with multiple values, I highly recommend that you go back to the NSIS Read Customer Data function page and use their functions to parse the data.I will share my custom version of the Append Payload program originally written by Aymeric Barthe and shared in his blog post Changing a Signed Executable Without Altering Windows Digital Signature.I will also demonstrate Linux and mac OS (OSX) compilation/usage.This is where the bad writing starts forming Not if it's clear it's a flashback or force vision And "If they tease _____" Could be misleading.Trailers often create misleading situations, so anything teased doesn't invalidate anything.Embed User Data Method #1 – INVALID DIGITAL SIGNATURE I initially attempted the following method as discussed in this Stack Overflow article.While NSIS does seem to be able to read the custom user data appended to the end of the file using this method, Windows 10 no longer recognizes the digital signature of the NSIS installer file.