Wives dating other men

06 Nov

And if you’re the type who doesn’t attract much male attention (I am fairly attractive, and fit, especially for my age, but I don’t get checked out a lot)…is it OK or advisable to set something up so that you do get the attention?

Nothing extreme – nothing that would cause an argument or a fight…just enough for my husband to notice someone is paying attention to me.

As I get older – 40s – it seems I get less attractive while he gets MORE attractive and garner more female attention than he ever has.

I want him to think/feel that other people may be interested in me too…that he isn’t the only one. This is one of the craziest emails I’ve yet to receive, specifically because the woman writing it doesn’t sound crazy.

Which is why I get ridiculous emails like this from women who truly think, in their heart of hearts, that their relationship is crumbling if their boyfriend doesn’t see them as the hottest woman on the planet. What the heck does another woman’s perception of my man have to do with how I feel about him myself?

While I couldn’t care less how many guys my wife has a crush on, as long as she makes me feel desired in the bedroom.