Women and dating mistakes

17 Feb

If the guy is happy with who he is and you're constantly trying to change him, he will feel you don't love him for who he is and that's going to hurt him and have him wanting to find a woman who does.8.You Pretend You Don't Really Want What You Really Want.

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How can you have a happy, healthy relationship with someone who can't motivate themselves? You Idealize the "Future Him." You know what's better than seeing someone's potential? You're Okay with Sexist Comments Because He's Cute. At this age, relationships should progress at a normal pace and consistency matters, 6. A boss should date a boss or at least someone who's proud of the fact that you've worked your ass off to achieve your goals.

If you're looking for a relationship or want to get married and have kids, you should absolutely be honest about that.

Agreeing to "Netflix and chill" with someone when you really want a dinner-and-a-movie relationship won't get you anywhere but frustrated.9.

If you only paid attention to the time, attention, respect and affection he showed, how convinced would you be? You Put Up with Any Behavior That Makes You Feel Uncomfortable.

You, are responsible for making your boundaries clear and walking away from anyone who doesn't honor them.13. If it's not the right time, it's not the right time.