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25 Jan

Russell spent his later years living at Penrhyndeudraeth in what is now Gwynedd.It was there that Lucy lived with him for extended periods of time.During the trial three more men came forward to say that they’d been abused by Davies as boys.The Operation Pallial team re-interviewed eight other men who had previously made complaints against Davies.The farmers were terrified and presumed that they were dealing with crooks, so refused the generous offer.The farmers subsequently put their farm on the market and as they were shifting all their stuff out, the farmer’s wife told me that Theodore Goddard turned up again with literally cases of used notes, telling them what idiots they were not to do the deal.The Great Train Robbery happened months later and the farmers noticed the similarity of the farm used by Biggs et al to their own.

People close to Russell’s Mad Relatives told a story of Russell behaving appallingly, of abuse and intimidation and of Top Docs being asked by Russell to bang up those bloody relatives who were making such a nuisance of themselves.For example these people: Many others who passed by on the other side can be found in the Commons, in the Lords, running the UK’s health and care system or in the Inns of Court.I’m sure that they will be delighted at the conviction of one 71 year old man and use this to reassure us that there is Zero Tolerance re sex offences in our nation. My post ‘Feet In Chains’ suggested that Dafydd, the paedophiles and their friends should all be detained in one of Dafydd’s own ‘nursing homes’ under the Mental Capacity or Mental Health Act – they would be treated far worse in there than they ever would be in prison.pic.twitter.com/2OZ3d2Sn BL Roll up, roll up, for music and laughter at #Hay Festival2018. New early bird events are online NOW including @Jake Bugg @shaziamirza1 @daraobriain @Bridget Christie @Trio HLK. Furthermore, it was Top Doctors like Dafydd and Bluglass who decided who ended up in Broadmoor and it was their Top Doctor mates at Broadmoor who decided what ‘treatment programmes’ patients were placed on. ’ mentions that in late 1962/early 1963, two west country farmers in financial difficulties received a letter from a London solicitor inviting them to a meeting where they ‘would hear something to their benefit’.Whilst pondering on the Ronnie Kray and Broadmoor business, I remembered another high profile villain of yesteryear who did so well out of the inadequacies of the British criminal justice system that I can only conclude that like Ronnie Kray – who was mates with various well-connected people such as Lord Bob Boothby, the bisexual swinging Conservative politician who had an affair with Harold Macmillan’s wife Dorothy as well as a great many other people – this man had help from people in high places. The farmers had barely visited London in their lives and had never heard of the solicitor, Theodore Goddard.BBC News Wales, the ‘Daily Post’ and the ‘Western Mail’ have reported that 71 year old Bryan Davies has been found guilty at Mold Crown Court of 29 historical sex offences against boys who lived at the ‘private children’s home’ Ystrad Hall in Llangollen in the late 1970s, where Bryan Davies was Deputy Principal.Yes, Bryan Davies is one who has been apprehended as a result of Operation Pallial.The company had contracted farmers to breed and raise pigs on their behalf, but no-one was ever paid – I was told that it was quite a well-known scandal at the time and that a lot of people lost a lot of money, after having been duped into doing business with a company starring Maurice Macmillan, because after all he was the PM’s son, so it had to be OK.I was reminded of all this last summer when I read a biography of Bertrand Russell. ’ details the trail of havoc and broken lives that Russell left in his wake and his highly sexually exploitative ways.