Wsus client not reporting but updating Adult hook up thru phone

06 Jan

Hi chaps, For some reason, which I cannot understand, I have around half my PC's are contacting the WSUS server but not reporting.All of the PC's are located on the same site and they are all Win7.If i click on '242 Updates' I get the below Print-screen and so on.Print Screen3How to install all the uninstalled update. Is there any method to pull the update manually from WSUS Server.

wsus client not reporting but updating-52wsus client not reporting but updating-15wsus client not reporting but updating-23wsus client not reporting but updating-58

Only, there are a couple of machines that are receiving updates but after several weeks now and several gpupdate /force and wuauclt /resetauthorization /reportnow, they continue to receive the updates they need but WSUS says they need updates they've already installed.

Please see Print Screen1As per Above Print-screen Computer qnit086v2 has 96% installed updates.

Print Screen2As per Above Print-screen '242 updates has not been installed'.

If you find that your WSUS clients are not sending status updates back to the server then this is something you’ll want to check out: ================= You may notice that your clients will check into WSUS and install updates properly but don’t send any status reports back to the server even though you can see that events were being generated locally.

If you review the IIS logs you may also see that the client IP addresses never attempt to post to the WSUS servers “reportingwebservice”.