Www uniform dating

14 Dec

If I give an honest account of my likes and dislikes and get zero response, will I be found crying into my pillow alone at night and left on the shelf at 20 for all of eternity?

On Date at Uni for example, whilst I can create my own profile, check out those of others’, send winks and add profiles I like the look of to my favourites, I am unable to contact any of these so-called favourites, receive their messages or use the full search facilities unless I pay £19.95 for a month’s membership which is gradually reduced to £5 a month if I join for a year.

A TV ad for a dating website, wwwuniformdating.com, featured various animated characters including a fireman, policeman and a nurse. The complainant challenged whether the ad was scheduled appropriately, because it was seen on Film 4 during an afternoon broadcast of the film "Honey, I Blew Up the Kids", when it could be seen by children.

Join free now ..." On-screen text stated "18 only".

Channel Four said the ad was an old ad cleared in early 2010 prior to the Advertising Code change but no longer carried a restriction.

The audience index rating for children for the ad break was 84.