Xbmc recently added episodes not updating

18 Jan

The first thing, of course, is some sort of system to run XBMC on.

Before we begin let’s talk about what you need for an ideal XBMC experience.It’s the last release of the software before the name switched to Kodi. While officially XBMC doesn’t stand for anything in particular, you might be surprised to learn the four letters originally stood for XBox Media Center. Because the software we call XBMC today was originally created in 2003 to be a media center on the original Xbox.The information in this manual is largely relevant for all releases up to and including version 16, but there are minor differences. Anyone willing to jailbreak their games console back then could install this software to watch their own video files – from the internal Xbox hard drive or from a network share – and even stream some video from the web. You, the modern media consumer, don’t source your entertainment from just one place: you get it from a variety of different sources.Set up properly, XBMC can do just about anything you’d want your TV to be able to do online – from Hulu to your movie collection, from You Tube to live sports you’ve bought an online subscription for.Your XBMC device could be a dedicated device, however, like the Raspberry Pi.This tiny computer comes with an Ethernet connection and an HDMI port, so it’s simple to hook up to your TV.A company called Boxee once released software based on XBMC, and it was among the most popular media center programs out there for a couple of years.Another prominent XBMC derivative is Plex, which is less flexible but arguably easier to use than XBMC itself.I prefer XBMC to all of these projects for one reason: flexibility.If you’re willing to spend enough time configuring XBMC you’ll find a way to do just about anything you want.