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28 Jan

The two combat in the DOATEC Tritower, which begins to fall apart due to the attack by the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan. Leifang finally accomplished her goal and defeated Jann Lee. While traveling on the train, she becomes involved in an embarrassing incident; when the train suddenly stops, an old man falls over and grabs her breasts.Humiliated and enraged, and despite it being an accident, Leifang loses her temper and literally kicks the man through a window, out of the now moving train into a lake below the bridge.She tries to get up to fight, but Jann Lee doesn't allow her to.Leifang went to the island simply for the vacation.However, Leifang has lost to Jann Lee in almost every tournament, except the 4th one, where she finally defeated him. Six years before the first tournament, Leifang was saved from a group of thugs by a martial artist, Jann Lee.Although she was very grateful for being saved, she felt that she could have handled the situation herself.

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Suddenly, the train becomes unsteady and Leifang stumbles.

Leifang travels to New York, following Jann Lee to a martial art gym.

While trying to spy on him, she bumps into Mila and decides to spar with her to train more.

) in the first Dead or Alive, is a college student and taiji quan prodigy from the Dead or Alive series, who made her debut in the original Dead or Alive.

Throughout the series, she seeks to fight Jann Lee, who is thought to have saved her life at one stage in her past, to prove herself to him that she too is a strong individual.