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24 Nov

WOW - just writing this and playing with myself was as good as sex with my husband, LOL…..

Rumspringa has been portrayed as time of experimentation and decision.

OK, I don’t want to leave you bummed out so let me get back into my SLUT GODDESS state: OMG… where is your HOT, HARD cock and giant cumload when I need it?? Lets’ be good and you just put your cockhead in me, sliding it up and down my wet and sticky pussy lips, for us both to feel what’s it like and then remove it before you are too excited, BUT if we do, I wish, envision, silently plead that you will not listen to me and take it out but push that massively engorged cock deeper and forcefully into me, past my massively swollen and tender inner pussy lips and ever so deep into fertile womb. Yes, more than just bareback, more than just without a rubber…

Your fat, swollen, iron bar-like cock stretches me, forcing itself deeper and deeper, pounding me, stretching, straining, yes slightly tearing me as I cry out for me for YOU, cry out to be taken, stripped of my self worth, my propriety and become a raw, nasty, baby-making cum dumpster, insatiable cock craving slut… Your beautiful dick glistening with pre-cum is fucking me totally unprotected.

It brings you out of those conventional thoughts of sexuality we all love to hide back within from time to time and opens our mind to thoughts and fantasies that drive us to that elusive goal of real sexual satisfaction. There are many levels on which to answer these questions or reply to these demands. One of the toughest moments for me is demanding condom use.

My mind says Yes, Yes, Yes, but my inner Goddess, BADD girl womb says NOOO, NOOO, NOOO.

Some Amish, particularly boys, may acquire a driver’s license and a vehicle during this time, which they might park at their parents’ home.

Some Amish, often boys again, will fit out their buggies with onboard stereo systems with large speakers.

Thus, role play seems to be a practical, and I am embarrassed to say sensible solution, as I don’t like being sensible.One of those purposes is to enter into a more formalized social world and peer interaction, which occurs when joining a youth group.Youth groups vary in their character—some “plainer” or slower groups are tamer, and even adult-supervised, while other “faster” groups are less conservative in expectations and rules. In the case of the faster groups, this may mean parties or “band hops”, while with the slower, or “singing” groups as they are called in some communities, meet at the home where church service took place for games of volleyball and group singing.I’m really enjoying these posts lately on the psychology of the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle.A story can be great, pictures fantastic but writing like this really makes you think. ———————————————- Many times I am asked or told: do I like bareback; I will breed you; will you keep my child? While safe sex requires no body fluid transfer, a woman’s make-up, wiring, and deep desires demands I fully receive you and your precious seed.Here’s a post today from a very good new friend of mine, Karyn.I have been blown away by this woman’s passion for the lifestyle and her writing.My entire body, womanhood, and baby-desiring ovaries scream out hungrily, greedily for your potent, hot needed seed to fill and take over my womb…I know most women never talk about this because it’s not pc nor is it pro- feminist but we all have this need - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise- we are born with this instinct, this craving…once we are aroused. With exception of an occasional women’s magazine article, I bet you never hear a woman tell you how badly she craves and needs to f_ck a new lover after they do it.I have taken no pills for the past two months, and have been using condoms with my husband. I start crying in pleasure, in ecstasy reveling in our special nasty and forbidden connection and intimacy, and in the erotism of being a GOOD BAD girl, a real live slut, who is actually just a totally uninhibited lover who knows and can’t resist the erotic power breeding and impregnation brings.